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    Paramita is not just another brand...

    Paramita comes from the buddhism that tries to improve mankind. Paramitas are steps that
    one must go through in order to reach illumination. Our brand is inspired in each and every one of these steps, and the belief that mankind belongs to Nature.
    We must preserve Nature. We want to claim that you can live fashion being careful
    and respectful with our planet...

    How do we do that?

    At Paramita, we use first quality natural fibers that will last very long in your wardrobe
    so that you can choose to buy less clothing or to provide it a second life
    by giving it to your best mate. We care about your skin so we only use certified
    Oeko-Tex materials to make our products. We manufacture near our Design office
    in order to minimize our carbon footprint and to ensure the best working conditions
    for those who make Paramita. We make sure that the dyeing and printing processes have
    a low impact on the environment. We don’t use plastic packaging but natural bags.

    We propose only 5 shapes in 5 different colours with 20 different original
    Paramita inspired prints.
    500 different options make it very difficult to find someone with the exact same Tee as yours.
    We make our designs in house with a multicultural team, based in Barcelona...

    Where we live slow fashion.

    Our aim is to improve ourselves and the world that we live in without renouncing to be stylish
    and expressive.

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